(Not sure where to post this?!)

I've been working on a website for a local company offering professional services who is on a shoe-string budget.

The website looks good and while there isn't tons of content, what is there comes across as professional.

The company has been promoting itself by word-of-mouth, business cards, and getting involved on local web-forums.

The problem?

No one is visiting the website!!!

Bigger problem?

Traffic plummeted from maybe 10 visitors a day to ZERO for the past four days?!

Most of the traffic came from discussions started in local online forums, but after those conversations tapered off, there went the traffic?! (And it makes the company look like a spammer to keep self-promoting on the same sites.)

Minus a million-dollar TV budget, bimbos in bikinis, etc...

How in the world do you get people to visit your website and then get those same people to return with their friends?!

All promotions for the business have been direct contact with potential customers in online forums or face-to-face, so you'd think that would lead to decent results...

(This is not an SEO issue.)

It feels like telling 300 people there is a great new ice cream shop on the corner of 17th and Pine Street and nobody shows up...

I need HELP helping my client figure out what is wrong?!