I have a site where I downloaded 2 different rotator scripts.

I'm not a javascript or jquery guy and I'm just learning.

I used 2 scripts on this page ( and both work fine. One is a main image rotator and the other is a text rotator.

However the client doesn't want the slow animation that happens in between transitions. This is the Testimonials section. The scripts author says that for this script there is no way to have the text be static between transitions. It wasn't designed to do that. Fine.

So I found another script and got it working ( This is perfect and the client likes it. Except something happens somewhere and now the main image rotator doesn't work.

I'm not much of a jquery guy like I said. I know just enough to get it on the page. I'm hoping some experts out there can give me some direction on how to get the main rotator going again. Or if they know of a script I can get somewhere where I can get both sliders going with both animations. (Dissolve and right to left swipe)