Does anyone know how to have a pop-up window close once someone's clicked on a link? And can cookies be incorporated into this so that the window only pops up once a day?

At the minute, when someone clicks on a link, it opens up the page behind the window so you have to then also close the window. This is the script now:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<!-- saved from url=(0030) -->
<html><head><title>Quick Links to....</title>

<body bgcolor="#003399" vlink="#ccff66" alink="#33cc00" link="#ccff66" leftmargin="0"
<div align="center">
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="15" width="350" border="0">
<td><font face="arial" color="#ffffff" size="2">
<div align="center">
<p><img height="26" alt="Additions to this website" src="gif/newspop_hd.gif" width="283" border="0"><br>
<!--- <p>Latest general information, including contact details can be found <A onclick="window.opener.location='generalleaflet/ngl.htm';" href=""><b>here</b></a>&gt;&gt;</p> --->
<!--- <p>Our <A onclick="window.opener.location='news/mission/mission1.htm';" href=""><b>Mission and Values 2001/02</b></a> &gt;&gt;</p> --->
<FONT face="arial" size="2"><FONT face="arial" size="2"><A onclick="window.opener.location='index.cfm?loc=edu&inc=oosc_ni1'" href="news.cfm"><B>Childcare
- Extra Funding in Northern Ireland</B></A><BR>
<B>&pound;3 million extra</B> now available to assist with capital
expenditure needed to obtain registration.</FONT></FONT>
<p><font face="arial" color="#ffffff" size="2"><a onClick="window.opener.location='index.cfm?loc=env&inc=space';" href="news.cfm"><b>Transforming
your space</b></a></font>: <font face="arial" color="#ffffff" size="2"><b>&pound;49.5
million</b></font> <font face="arial" color="#ffffff" size="2">available</font>
as part of the transforming communities initiative<b>.</b></p>
<p><A onclick="window.opener.location='index.cfm?loc=hea&inc=boscot';" href="news.cfm"><b>Better Off</b></a>: <b>&pound;10 million</b>
for rehabilitation of people in Scotland who misuse or have misused
<p><A onclick="window.opener.location='index.cfm?loc=fairshare&inc=main';" href="news.cfm"><b>Fairshare</b></a>b>
&pound;169 million</b> for <b>62</b> disadvantaged communities across
the UK. </p>
<p>The latest Initiative newsletter is available online.
<A onclick="window.opener.location='index.cfm?loc=news&inc=Initiative/initiative11/front';" href="news.cfm">
Read the latest news and articles about our projects.</a></p>
<p>Keep up to date with the news from the New Opportunities
Fund through our <A onclick="window.opener.location='index.cfm?loc=news&inc=pressview';" href="news.cfm">press
<p> <A href="javascript: window.close()"><img height="18" alt="Close window" src="gif/newspop_close.gif" width="102" border="0"></a>

I'd appreciate any help