Hi everyone,

Excuse me for my silly question... But i am having a problem with a website i am creating.

I have a 3 column layout with a header at the top and a footer under the 3 columns. The problem i have at the moment is that for some reason the 3rd, or right hand side column, which contains an adsense ad block, is displaying underneath the menu, or first column which is on the left hand side. This only happens in internet explorer and for some reason i did not notice this until now. The website used to display correctly a few weeks ago when i last checked it in IE, so im guessing a change that i have made to the .css file is causing this, as it displays like this in IE throughout the website. The question though, is which one. I am not too clued up about how my website layout is set up as it was a three column layout template that was created in dreamweaver. I have customised this original layout to suit my site.

My website address is free4blackberry - Free BlackBerry Smartphone Downloads, Guides, News and More

As i have recieved some very good advice from this forum before, this is naturally my first stop.

If anyone could help me with this one, i would really appreciate it!!

Thanks in advance.