Greetings to all,

This is my first post on this forum and only after seeing how great the responses are to other people's posts did I feel confident that I was both at the right place and that I would not get ridiculed for asking questions that many of you have known the answer to for a long time.

Situation - I am a small, independent Website designer who has relied mostly on word-of-mouth leads for the business I have done to date. Now I have a customer who wants me to take over their site and add the ability for people to register and pay for a conference in 2012 through that site. I do have a server company who I use to host all my sites and it has various tools to add a shopping cart to the site. I also have researched and discovered that I should purchase a SSL Certificate to ensure the process is secure?

As I only need the function of registration (and all the pertinent info inputting by the user that goes with that) and the ability for the user to pre-pay for the conference with credit card (perhaps through a paypal (?) account, am I seeing this correctly where I should get by with the hosting company shop cart software?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.