Essentially what I have to contend with in code is as follow...

response.write objRS.Fields("TheID").value + ", "

The above snippet populates a record set until EOF with multiple ID's comma separated (TheID, TheID, TheID...etc)

The issues is to now pass all of these to another form in a textbox or other to later be edited.

If any fellow coder has suggestions or bookmarked examples for this classic asp nightmare, Ideas, URLs etc... It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

** update

Interestingly I found this article which explained my suspicion passing recordset values can't be done exclusively :

Passing Recordset Object Between ASP Pages

So I'm now thinking the only way is to pass it as an array

Passing Arrays from One ASP Page to Another -

Which works! however now the issue is to load this array into editable regions that can be updated on a SQL Server 2000 backend.

...any ideas?