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    Automatic File Copy

    This question is related to my webservers, however not to design. I have been asked to take copies of our site and put them on another server that is on the network. This is being asked for extra backup purposes. I have thought of a couple of ideas of how to schedule this but unclear on how to go about it. My first choice is to schedule a batch file to run that will issue a simple command....

    copy d:\inetpub\wwwroot\folder_to_copy \\remoteserver\folder_to_copy_to

    or thought of installing FTP service on both machines. Though I do not know how to create a schedule to make this automatic or a batch file that would invoke a copy....

    Anyone have suggestions on how to do this... I have to be carefull of 3rd party software that is not included in Win 2000

    Any help would be great.

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    FTP is a bad idea cos of the security implications. I'd leave it switched off if I were you. Your batch file sounds absolutely fine though. A scheduled batch file is a tidy solution.

    Of course, the MOST obvious solution is that your IT people do the job properly and add the web server to the backup schedules ....


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