Twiends and sites like it do nothing but add likes to your page, those likes don't necessarily relate to sales because the people that are following your site aren't necessarily interested in your product. So these numbers tend to be just superficial.

But here's the catch, you're online and you have two people advertising two products. They both are similarly priced and are of similar quality. You go to each website and they both have social network followers. One with say 500 followers, and one with 50. If you don't know that these numbers can be manufactured, like most people. You may be swayed to purchase a product from the company that has more likes because it gives a false sense of popularity and quality. Showing 500 happy customers is better than showing 50. In that aspect, driving the numbers can lead to success and increased revenue. I'm not saying this will work with all new or potential customers, but it may work for a few.