I am new to the jquery language and i'm trying to add a checkbox feature to a datatable but cannot get it to work. I am trying to add checkboxes for filtering multiple items within a column.

For example:
Based on the table at:
DataTables example

I am trying to add the function allow checkboxes to be selected so given column one is called "Engine", I would like to unselected boxes leaving only "KHTML" and "Presto" checked thus only showing all data with Engine types of the above (multi filter on single column).

I know this should use the RegExp function and I have found a page that explains this but when I try and implement, It just won't work. The page with the code on how to do this can see at:
DataTables forum - Filtering Table with Checkbox Values

Could anybody help me add this code so I can get it working?

Many thanks for any help.