I haven't been on here in a while, but this was the best place I could think of for advice on this matter.

Basically, a friend purchased a spot for her hair salon in a local print advertisement similar to the brochures you see in the front of hotels. It lists a lot of area businesses with pictures, short descriptions, etc...

Well, the advertiser knew one of her stylists and singled her out as the one to go to in the description of the ad. It practically sounds like they are saying she is the only one worth going to. The rest of the ad copy was not ideal as well. This description was never sent for my friend to confirm before it was printed and now it's all over the city for the next year.

This causes numerous problems for the salon owner. The other stylists are most likely upset, and the stylist in question already has a full clientele so it's not even very helpful to her. And if she happens to quit for whatever reason then we have a situation where people who have seen the ad may not come in when they find out she doesn't work there anymore.

My friend has paid a deposit, but not the full amount for the ad yet. She has signed a contract to get the ad.

Any suggestions on good ways to handle this situation? So far she is sending a complaint to the advertiser and having a meeting with everyone that works there just to let them know it wasn't done on purpose as favoritism from the owner.