I posted a similar message like this last week. This is something new that I can't figure out.

I created a script to remind students to turn in their reports. Whenever I open this page, the script runs and students will receive an email to remind them to turn in their reports.

On this script, I got the emails in this format, a@b.com c@d.com, e@d.com

The strMail should store these emails in this format: a@b.com, c@d.com, e@d.com so that when I open this page, it will send to students who met the criteria.

Currently, the email message send each student a separate email. However, it should send an email to students who have the same ID

For example, the email should send to a@b.com and e@d.com on ONLY one message and the email should send to c@d.com one message.

ID Email Date

1 a@b.com 5/4/2011

2 c@d.com 5/4/2011 1

e@d.com 5/4/2011

Can anyone please help?

Thanks very much!


Set oRs = Server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")

strSQL = " select Student_ID, Student_Email + '@yahoo.com' AS Email from Students Where dueDate='5/4/2011' Group By Student_ID, Student_Email, dueDate; "

oRs.Open strSQL, myConn


<br /><h2>Student_Report Reminder</h2>


Dim NewMailObj, strBody, sMail, aEmail

aEmail = aEmail & sEmail & ","

if not oRs.eof then

do until oRs.eof

sID = oRs("Student_ID")

sEmail = oRs("Email")

sDate = oRs("dueDate")

aEmail = aEmail & sMail & ","

Set NewMailObj = CreateObject("CDO.message")

NewMailObj.From = "Student_Report"

NewMailObj.To = aEmail

NewMailObj.Subject = "Student Report"

NewMailObj.HTMLBody = "Reminder for the following students:<br><br><table><tr><td>ID</td><td>Email</td><td>Date</td></tr><tr><td>"&sID&"</td><td>"&sEmail&"</td><td>"&sDate&"</td></tr></table>" & vbCrLf


end if



End If