Hi all. Something that has always bothered me - developers who put a link to their site on their clients' sites. Am wondering how others feel about that?
Was researching a web design company today, and nearly all of the sites they listed in their gallery had a "Site designed by ..." link back to their own site on the bottom of every page. All of these sites were for commercial entities, so were not charities, non-profits, hobby or other general interest personal-type sites where perhaps the site's owner isn't paying for it.
I'm assuming that adding a link was spelled out in any agreement they may have with their clients, so isn't a legal concern. And would hope that they are giving the client a discount for allowing the advertisement on their site.
Still, it just seems rather tacky to me to do it at all. I could see it as a copyright indication on a Legal/Terms Of Use page, or perhaps on a Contacts page as the webmaster. Or even as a meta tag for those who want to dig into the code - not sure of the implications on SEO or accessibility there! But you don't see a communications company saying "This ad produced by us" on a client's television commercial or magazine glossy.
Am I alone in thinking that the client's screen real estate is theirs and theirs alone?