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    trying to change jpeg text

    ]I decided to start this as a new thread since the question has really changed. Hope that's ok.
    A few people have strongly advised that I change the text in the main jpeg to live text. Here is the original page New Life Christian Center and here is my attempt at changing it Fix main picture

    What do you guys think? or do I need to go about this in a completely different way?

    My brother likes the faded borders but I don't know if that is possible with such a liquid layout. The guy in the picture.

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    The text version will always win out for me because it is more accessible. You could just spice it up a bit with some css3 for modern browers with border-radius and box shadow rather than trying to fade out the edges (which is possible but a real pain to do with images).

    This really should be a question for the design elements forum as its not really a css question as such unless you want help with the actual code.


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