Hi, I'm a graphic design student needs a little bit of help answering some questions for a website I'm building for a project. I would really appreciate some help.

About the project. For this whole semester I have been working for a project to build a website which provides quick tips on how to save energy, water and paper. The main aim of the website is for people to be more eco-friendly, but since we are bombarded with "green" information all the time now, I'm adding a monetary side to it in order to have more adopted.

About the website. The headers and footers are built dynamically using php and all of the JS is done using jquery, and I'm using the 960.gs CSS framework for all the structure.

Here is the site Greenserving - Home (So far I know the logo has to change, I have to add actual copy and change the images on the slider, etc). Now the problem I'm having is the in the TIPS page TIPS page. It is not displaying something similar to this this testing page. I have checked firebug but it is not reporting any errors. The page it is supposed to be replace a div called ".tip_container" with data from and XML file which contains all the data on the tips (name,desc,steps, how much money is saved, and data points for the graphs). I know the files are properly linked because that is the only thing firebug spits out when I rename the files.

Here is the tips.js, which is what the testing page uses.

This is the data

and this is how it would look (note: its just a rough sketch of how it would look once the CSS is in place).

Note, i posted this else where too, only because I realized later that is more of a JS issue, sorry