Many of you at Sitepoint have seen my posts for a long time. Some are seeking help, some are providing help, and some are just open discussion.

I'm also sure to warn people about companies (especially hosting companies) that should not be used.

I will remind people to never use Hivelocity, as that has to be the most shady dedicated hosting company out there; they literally stole money from me. And do all you can to avoid Powweb for shared hosting; their service is okay, but they only can hose you in terms of payments and refunds. To see what I mean about Powweb, pay for a year and then try to cancel a month later. They keep the entire year, and charge you a flat fee for canceling early. Crazy.

So now I will warn you about CDNs. Highwinds! Used to be Bandcon, I had the decision between Highwinds and Edgecast. Edgecast was slightly more expensive (about 15%), but dang do I wish I had gone with them.

Highwinds has been nothing but a problem since the beginning. I run videos through them, and never before have we seen so many failed requests to access content. Our negative feedback on videos not working went from about one email per month, to 2-3 per week. And to top it off, this CDN actually goes down. All your files will just stop working, something that I thought impossible for a CDN.

So, if you are looking for a CDN, avoid Highwinds at all costs; seriously, having your own dedicated server for media is so much better than Highwinds.

That's my two cents. I'm calling Edgecast tomorrow to see how soon I can change over and try to rid myself of this mistake. (Tonight was the last straw when the entire CDN literally went down for some three hours or more)