I'm using nyro Modal jquery to produce lightboxes in my website. Each page will have different amount of text, but I'd like each box to be the same size; by default the lightboxes increase in size. After looking at the code and documentation, I thought that I could just change the size information (found in jquery.nyroModal.custom.js) as so:

Code JavaScript:
{	// Size information
				initW: 300,	// Initial width
				initH: 300,	// Initial height
				w: 300,		// width
				h: 300,		// height
				minW: 300,	// minimum Width
				minH: 300,	// minimum height
				wMargin: undefined,	// Horizontal margin
				hMargin: undefined	// Vertical margin

If anyone has had experience with nyroModal and knows how to create fixed size boxes, I'd appreciate some help.

Thank you,