Attention SitePointers

Okay, well maybe that started to make it sound a bit overdramatic.

However, I do have to ask a huge favor.

Currently, I'm working for my school district in the I.T. Department.

We have a web site. Unfortunately, I came on after construction on this site was begun, so you all my have a few words to say about the design; please refrain from this, as I have no bearing on the web site and will strive to make it better as soon as (and IF) I am placed on the project.

The JavaScript menu for the site that was originally picked out was not scouted out correctly, and the web designed selected one that didn't work in netscape....

Here's your challenge: Because we need this soon (by Monday of next week), and I will be unable to work on it, I need to enlist the help of all fellow sitepointers.

The best drop-down menu submitted to me by Monday, or late sunday evening will be selected. NOTE: You must provide the code to insert the menu into a page as well, because I will only be able to do a simple cut and paste job.

HERE'S what you'll recieve: A credit on our web site and a link to your site on our links page and in the credit section. Sorry that I am unable to do better, but this is a non-profit extremely low-budget site.

The specifications for this menu are:

-Black background
-Yellow or Gold borders and text
-On mouse rollover, text changes to white.
-Horizontal drop-down menu
-Support for most browsers (majority of IE / Netscape versions)

To view the menu items necessary, please open Internet Explorer and browse to:

Again, I am very sorry that this had to be written in haste.

Reply to this thread with questions or send me an e-mail at

As a long time member and former mentor, I know what this community can do. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

P.S Remember to snazz it up, because the best-looking entry will be accepted. I know you guys submit great replies all the time anyway.