I am looking for a fairly quick response on a simple question.

I work for a large fortune 500 company with a strong brand identity. I am employed as a web designer / developer and I spend my time designing UI and UX.

I was recently asked to create an ad containing a small amount of descriptive text and a call to action. The call to action was "Learn how >" the > representing a graphical arrow.

I was then asked by the brand team to make it "Learn how. >" which to me looks incorrect. I also asked the rest of my development team how this "felt" to them. The said it felt incorrect to them also. It was pointed out the on a login / logout button we wouldnt put "login." just "login"

So my feeling is that this is an unwritten "rule" of Web Design.

Paraphrasing Steve Krug - Author of "Dont make me think" unnecessary / unexpected punctuation causes a user to think and that many instances can lose a user.

What are your thoughts on the punctuation conundrum above ? I refer specifically to the question regarding "learn how" not the punctuation in this post ! lol

So what are you thoughts ?

Thanks for reading and thank you to anyone who may chose to give me thier opinion.