I need some quotes from companies/individuals that do custom ebook creation.

I currently sell an ebook but it is in Word format. There are two forms in the file that need to be merged together so that the merged result will be printable, this is why I created it in MS Word. I need someone to create a custom ebook for me that has a table with fields that can be entered by the user, then a "compile" button or something that will then merge the fields with another form and create individual pages that are outputted to another file that can then be printed? Basically, can you create an .exe file that will do what MS Word's mail merge feature will do? I am also interested in other customizations for the ebook. For example, I use Clickbank to sell my ebook and I would like to ensure that only paying customers receive the ebook.

Anyone know who can do this for me, and what sort of price am I looking at?

Thanks a lot!