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    Need some advise on buying websites what to look for, what to avoid

    hello everyone

    I have some capital that I want to invest in, I thought about mutual funds, forex, dropshipping but after researching and looking into I think I would like to buy a website or websites and flip them.

    I saw in FLIPPA some sites that I can afford that claim to have profits of up to $1000. There are other sites claiming profits as well that look interesting. I have less than $10 G's to spend but of course I don't want to jump in and just get it since this is the first time I would buy a site.

    I have had experience with adsense, wordpress, SEO basics, keyword analysis, site structure, basic knowledge on the mentioned fields so I may be able to tweak some things and maybe make it better and sell it for profit or just stick with it and try to make more money.

    I'm still hesitant though because it sounds to good to be true, buy the site, start making $300 to $1000 per month, or sell it at higher price and make profit.

    is this how it works? After researching the sites I want to buy and verifying traffic, profits, maintaining the site? is there a possibility I could lose my money?

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