Hi guys

I'm fine with php and mysql, html is ok though i'm revisiting it to get rid of tables and upgrade using css. My problem is that i've avoided CSS for years and until recently never really thought it was necessary until i was pointed to the zen garden. I know.. weird that i've got php licked and not got a clue with CSS or even web graphics but hey ho! I had a project that i wanted to make which needed a lot of code to run on the server! (Thats me saying i'm not very artistic).

So, i started reworking my site template today to work with CSS and now I have a problem!

I have this code in my html:
<div class="greeting">Welcome Guest! <a class="greetlink" href="?action=login">You can login or register here!</a></div>
In my stylesheet i have this:
greetlink a:link
   color: #ffffff;
   visited: red;
Now, i know thats wrong. The problem is the background is black while the rest of the page is white so i can't just use a:link for all the links in the page because it won't work for me and secondly css is meant to let you group things together or deal with them seperately right?

So how on earth can i do this? - i've experimented and so far still can't find the correct way and google hasn't turned up much though i suspect i'm probably using the wrong terms.

If you can help me i'd be grateful