I've tried both version 2.2 and 2.4, installation of MySQL-Front works fine, then when I launch it, it would take 100% resource for a while, then WinXP just says the application crashed, and the following error message:

Exception EOIeSysError in module mysqlfront.exe at 00063145
Error performing inpage operation.

I'm using WinXP, I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling MySQL-Front several times, and no luck. My friend has a similar computer config as me and he's got no prob.

I've got got Apache 2.0 (previously 1.x as well), PHP 4, MySQL 3.23.44, all of which are working perfectly.

I've posted this at MySQL-Front's support forum, and the guy who made the program just thinks my computer has a virus, which it doesn't...