I'd just like to point out something - just because ASP.NET (and JSP, for that matter) is overall technically superiour to PHP, it doesn't mean you should use them in every case, like Chris says. PHP is dirt-simple to get started with, and it doesn't take long at all before you have written your own applications and can customize others. The road to beginning JSP or ASP.NET is significantly bumpier unless you already know Java/C++ well, and if you are only doing a weblog or a simple one-time brochure style site, both ASP.NET and JSP are totally overkill, and you will only be wasting time by learning it.

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Since I can't deny .NET's technology is better than PHP's, I'm now looking into another one: JSP. I will not use .NET, nor will I tell my customers to do so. The technology may be good, but as long as Microsoft doesn't change its licensing policy, I refuse to work with it (as many other should but don't because they don't know the licensing policies). I'm not going to 'sell my soul to the devil'.

Java is much more my language than PHP (I'm an OO guy), so I think JSP is going to suit me just fine. Expect the 'Top 10 Reasons Why JSP Is Better Than ASP' in a few weeks...

I've looked at JSP earlier, and it seems very good. The problem was that when I tried it, Tomcat (the JSP thingy for Apached) was pretty much crap. It took me friggin three days to get working - I've heard it's much better now, though.

Many of the good elements in .NET and ASP.NET are actually taken from Java and JSP. ASP.NET kind of works like JSP, and Web Forms are pretty much ripped off from JSP:s Jakarta Struts.

The advantages .NET has over Java is that it's MUCH faster and can be written in several languages. I've also found Java to be harder to get started with, but that might just be me. Java has the advantage of a friggin enourmous credibility, existing support for many platforms, and of course, you don't have to sell your soul.

Visual Studio.NET was well worth my eternal essence, though.