These comments are in regards to the article 'Debate - .NET V. PHP: Top 10 .NET Myths Exposed'.

This seems like a rather defensive article, taking a "yeah, we can do that too" kind of stance without evaluating how well either technology can do anything.

To encourage PHP developers to ignore the technology simply because "they can do that too" seems a bit foolish. As any real developer will tell you (application or web), any technology can do anything. Delphi isn't better than VB because it can do more, it's better because of the tools, speed, development time, etc.

In all these areas, .NET shines over PHP for serious development, and that's always what it was intended for.

This wasn't meant to be a discussion on just "", as it seems a bit hypocritical to just focus on one portion of .NET, and then be allowed to explain how PHP rocks because of the hundreds of extensions (many of which require $, something .NET doesn't require of you).

The greatest advantage of .NET for me is simple. I can build massively complex applications which are 75K in size. Windows applications. The only thing that is required is that the client have the .NET redistrib installed which is a paltry 25MB: the size my application would have been in Delphi or C++. But, after I've installed that .NET redistrib, every application I write is tiny.

Since I work in a large corporation, this saves us a tremendous amount of money. Instead of new software taking up 125GB of corporate data space (across the computers), it takes up less than 1MB.

This article also forgets every major factor when looking at technology. Speed, development time, tools. .NET applications are faster than PHP, even compiled. Development time for serious projects (I'm not knocking PHP's ability to make amazing small projects very quickly, PHP is a very strong language) is incredibly small (what took us 4 weeks in C++, took 6 hours in VS.NET) and has an incredible suite of free tools.

Anyways, it is a good article Harry, and exceeded my expecatations in some ways. Let's just say I'm glad you didn't write this 2 months ago