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If 50 pages each include 5 external files, there are effectively 250 copies of those files compiled in memory. Yes, they're small, but it strikes me as inefficient. This understanding was/is based on several discussions with a hardcode ASP guy back in January - his name and email escape me, unfortunately, and I can't find the site where he mentioned this. I might be way offbase, but it explained a lot of performance issues I had with ASP stuff earlier, and I assume that ASP.NET treats things similarly (obviously someone here will hit me on the head if my assumption is wrong).
No, as far as I know ASP.NET, this is not true. (note, I know C# alot better than I know the ASP.NET technology, although I am pretty sure you can do the following).

You can compile classes into libraries and have the libraries (or assemblies as it's called in .NET terms I think) sit in the cache and then dynamically load the already pre compiled assemblies.