When I started my site in 2003 I intended it is a resume and portfolio without any prospect for real viewers. Since then however time has changed and I now find myself starting to make money off my blog and related services. As such the original goal of my personal site has lost it's focus and no longer serves as either my resume or portfolio.

As such I'm thinking of two things. First to form an LLC (I have a company name and everything picked out) to protect myself from any disagreement that might result from a service I've rendered, product I've sold, or advice from my blog taken wrongly.

Second, I'm thinking of moving my existing content to the website of the new company for branding, etc while returning my personal site to it's root as my resume, portfolio, etc.

What do you think? Should I commit the bloggers taboo of switching names now (knowing the initial hit I'll take from Google, etc) or should I keep things as they are? What about the SEO thing? Anyone tried it?