I have a table of member information which includes an expiration date for each member.

I need a result set that includes everyone who will expire 2 months from now... however it isn't exactly "2 months from today". Instead, I need it to determine the month that is 2 months from now, then include every member who will expire at some time within that month.

For example, today is April 18, so I would need a query that says "give me ever member that expires in June". If I ran the query tomorrow it would still get every member expiring in June.

When I run it again - some time mid May - it should get every member expiring in July.

My php-programming brain wants to say "get the month number of today (4), add 2 (4+2), then match every expiration date that begins with month 6. But I don't know how to do this in SQL.

Any suggestions?