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    Image Rollover - Mouseover with Static End Result

    I am a newbie to Java Script. I am trying to convert a Flash Website back to an HTML, JS and PHP website.

    Naturally they want the site to look the same if possible.

    In the Flash version they have a contact section which has two choices: Phone or Email

    Below these choices is an Graphic Image ( by default the image for contacting by phone is showing ) If one clicks the E-mail choice then this default image, then spins around and changes to the E-mail contact image. It's like the Phone and Email Text options are hyperlinks which activate the image rollover.

    But after the image rollsover, then to actually send and email inquiry you have to click on this new Email Graphic Image.

    It's kind of a spinning rollover / mouse over affect.

    Except after the rollover the image is now static and one can click on the Email Address to affect the Website Inquiry Email Window.

    Yeah, I know its overkill, why not just click on the link, but it's not my choice, the client wants it that way. He designed it for free on Wix now finds it does not work on iPhone, etc.

    Is it possible to implement this in Java Script?

    Thanks for the help.

    Image 1 ( Default -Rollover Phone Contact Image )

    Image 2 ( Rollover - Email Contact Image)

    Image 3 Refresh Screen to see animation!
    Crude Example of how it currently animates in Flash version of web site
    of course it only revolves a couple of times then stops on the appropriate
    image choice either Phone or Email. Nothing happens except a static image when it stops on the Phone option but when it stops on the Email option then one has to Click on the Email Address and it activates a pop-up Inquiry Form.

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    Here's a whole range of flip techniques to pick and choose from:
    10 awesome jquery flip plugins for next level interface
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    Reference: JavaScript, Quirksmode Validate: HTML Validation, JSLint
    Car is to Carpet as Java is to JavaScript


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