Let me preface by saying that most self proclaimed usability guru's have many valid points and I find myself executing on those points daily in my design and development. However...

Everytime I read an interview or new piece written by a UI geek I get the same feeling everytime. These guys are always about 2-3 years out of the picture. Today I was prompted to come here and vent my fustration with my latest reading. New.Architect's most recent issue hit my mailbox today, in it another interview with a UI consultant type. Disapointing Excerpt as follows:

Interviewer: Give me an example of a good UI.

Interviewee: The interface at www.time.gov is one example of how to do things right. It uses a very small amount of screen real estate to provide a substantial number of choices in a way that is instnatly obvious. What's not to like?... - (New.Architect, October 02' Page 8)
What's not to like he says? For starters lets talk about the horrible use of color? This thing looks as if it hadn't been touched for 2+ years. This is the best example of good UI this expert could come up with? Sure, he has some valid points, it navigates alright and is straight forward, but the content here is also so simple that any fool should be able to make the UI work. It's and old and cruddy looking site though!

Sorry for the long banter, I guess I'm just putting forth my opinion and want to see what others think. I'd like to read or hear about a UI designer coming out with some modern outstanding examples and speaking on some cutting edge stuff. Not pounding out the Nielsen garbage from the 90's