Had a virus raise it's ugly head earlier this week. Got rid of it but ever since then, wamp won't open in the bin. It's color is red and it won't connect to my local host.

I've found C://localhost/wamp program on my C: drive. There is also a C://wamp where I've done most of my work.

I tried to uninstall wamp which removed it from my desktop, but apparently didn't remove it from my C: drive. I've restored my system to yesterday, before I uninstalled the wamp server, but I still can't get it to open phpmyadmin etc. in the bin

I've attached the error message when I double click on the wamp icon from my desk top.Aestan Tray Menu error.JPG

I read about being sure it would open in port80, but I don't know how to check that it is opening there.

Any help would be appreciated.