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    CSS instead of using tables: Compatibility with Browsers


    I know some browsers cannot display CSS properly (typically older versions of Internet Explorer). I am looking to use more CSS at my web site.

    I have a web site that uses CSS. I am looking to build the site with more CSS for positioning purposes, as we currently use tables for positioning and layout. My question is if I go this 'step-further' with CSS will we be ignoring THE SAME browsers as we are at the moment?

    Current web site:

    The CSS is used to style the navigation bar:
    The HTML files include a basic list of links only.
    The CSS file positions this list to appear across the top of the page and down the left hand side and the list is styled to look good.

    And the CSS is also used to format the text on the page.
    This makes it easy to change the formatting on all pages.

    New Web site:

    We intend to go a 'step-further' and use CSS to position all content. Erasing the need for tables.

    Will we be ignoring THE SAME browsers we are at the moment? Or do you recommend we keep using tables?


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    Depending on what CSS you're planning on using, you might find you need some hacks to get it to play nicely in IE6 and maybe IE7 as well.

    If all you're doing is converting a table-based layout, that should be perfectly manageable.


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