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    Database Hosted On A Different Server To Web Site


    I have just added a MySQL Database to my web site hosted at I have never had any issues with the hosting of the web site, which is accessed as normal using FTP, as you would imagine.

    However, the MySQL Database is stored at a different server to my web site. I had previously understood from tutorials at YouTube that all files would be saved to my server, implying it would be located the same place as my web site.

    If I continue to use this service with the Database at a different server to my web hosting could I find limitations with what I can do?

    Is this standard practice for hosting a database? What problems could I run into?


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    Are these two servers belonged to a same host company or in general connected together through a broad-band network.

    If yes, you have nothing to worry
    If no, you should check insert/read data from the two servers concurrently to see if the speed is acceptable.

    In short, get both at one hosting company. Easy to support, maintain and troubleshooting

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    Having the database on a different server to the web site is a common practice. That's why there is a parameter when you connect to the database to identify what server it is on. As long as the configuration is set up correctly so that there is no firewall preventing access from one to the other there should be no problems.

    GoDaddy set up all their databases that way so they should have the database servers and web servers configured correctly to be able to access one another.
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