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Well, I hate to make this about FF, but let's have it.

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Those issues in the link you gave, are not all FF4 related, as many of those issues are present in 3.5 also
TRY IT, most of the "issues" listed on that page are NOT present when using it on 3.5 or earlier!!! If they didn't, they probably wouldn't be listed on the "issues" page -- or as it should be called "the stuff that USED TO WORK" page.

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Opera can't tell you don't bloody want the Speed dial or some other default tab to be opened as well when you open a page "Open with Opera" way.
Huh?!? You can customize the default page to anything you want -- what are you even on about?!? Tools > Preferences > General, the "startup" and "homepage" fields.

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You complain FF lets you use so many extensions it freezes. Well, I merely use 3 or 4. That's about as many as you can find for Opera.
No, I'm not saying it "lets you", I'm saying that you pretty much HAVE TO to even get BASIC FUNCTIONALITY out of it -- which just adds to it's EXISTING instability! Even vanilla I could crash 2.0 in less than 20 minutes without even trying, and so far 4.0 seems to be a buggy unstable repeat of that.

While I need no extensions in Opera, because everything I want out of it is pretty much built in. Flip navigation, drag and drop favicons, user javascript, user CSS, start bar, user customizable launch buttons -- and even things I've come to consider normal functionality you can't even FIND in outer browsers like portrait mode tabs.

It's why for me FF, IE9, Safari and Chrome are like a trip in the wayback machine to IE3 so far as the user interface is concerned! IE9's getting worse than any of them in that regard too - it's like every other browser maker is moving backwards; Must go with HTML5 being a monster step backwards too or something.

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Yous should learn JS not for the reason of not using jQuery, but for the reason of customizing and improving your own version of jQuery. Programming is about productivity. Building from the ground up each and every time is not productive. Using libraries is the way to go.
If you have enough scripting for "building from the ground up" to qualify as a complaint -- you are probably using too much javascript on your page for stupid annoying garbage.

Javascript is an interpreted language, so giant function libraries are the equivalent of a static fortification; a monument to the stupidity of mankind.

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jQuery is a community effort and hard work. Respect that. jQuery's code can be contributed. Don't stand on the side lines complaining, contribute if you think you can make it better.
Or just don't use it as it's a completely unnecessary waste of time, bandwidth and effort for things that either shouldn't be done on a website in the first place, or can be done faster/simpler/easier without it.