Hey guys,

Long time no see; I'm trying to find a way I can implement a PHP script for my Wordpress blog in which whenever I access my website.com/tag/tag-name section I get a description worth 250 words or something from Wikipedia relating to the term.

For example if my tag is websitename.com/tag/theory-of-relativity, then the script should crawl Wikipedia after "Theory of Relativity" and past the first 250 words from Theory of relativity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, so I can get a description for the term before I list the wordpress post tagged with the term.

This may sound like black-hat SEO spam to some of you, but I actually believe this is a good practice since it provides relevancy, and is by no means non-ethical or something. I want my readers to have an idea what a term is all about (i put a lot of tags on my blog that are very encyclopedic in nature) and this might help.

I have minimal programming experience and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with some insights on how I can write a piece of code like this. maybe someone finds the idea of such a script being implemented really useful, why not write it and share it altogether? Thank in advance for your efforts.