We have been looking for a service to provide reviews on our website. Our current platform, CRE Loaded 6.2B2B is capable of having reviews but the reviews are kind of hidden and also the place to leave reviews are so after 3 years we've only had one review left.

We plan to upgrade to Magento late this year/early next year. Does Magento have a good review system?

We are considering though simply outsourcing this review system and have looked at some such as RateVoice and PowerReviews. I like PowerReviews but the price of $80/month is a cost that I don't know if we can justify at this time unless the increase in sales is great.

I have heard how important reviews are on a site. I know when I make a purchase I tend to go to Amazon or NewEgg if it's a tech item and if I make a purchase frequently it is on one of those sites. As I've read on here, customers look at reviews from customers more than looking at what the store themselves say.

I am curious what type of review system Magento has but also I'm interested in hearing about good review services out there and if there are some with better prices and good service.

Thank you,