I searched around on Google but couldnt really find a fix that worked. The problem kind of speaks for itself when you look at http://on-site.nl/jstest/dropdown/ in IE and hover over the "print/afwerken" item. It flickers when you hover over the subitems.

This is the code I have now. The problem was that you could hover over the main item "print/afwerken" and the dropdown would show up, but the color of the first item "print/afwerken" should become white instead of blue, so I added an ID to it to style it with css. The ID itself get added and removed just fine, but the flickering is not so great. Any ideas how to get it to work in IE without the flickering? I tried the mouseenter as well, but that didnt fix it either.

    $("#main_menu .dropmenu:eq(3)").mouseover(function() {
        $(this).prev('a').attr("id", "bazinga");
    $("#main_menu .dropmenu:eq(3)").mouseleave(function() {