Hello from Sweden

Ive read this post:

Im trying to rebuild my site with a single include menu file.
(Im using the technic explained in the post above)
I'm using body id.

My menu list looks like this:
<li id="menu-mall1"><a href="../" > Start </a></li>
<li id="menu-mall2"><a href="arkivet/"> Bildarkiv </a></li>
<li id="menu-mall3"><a href="expo/" > Expo </a></li>
<li id="menu-mall4"><a href="om/" > Om </a></li>
<li id="menu-mall5"><a href="blogg/" > Blogg </a></li>
with my start-file at the top of my website and the rest of the contents in different subfolders.

My problem is - when I'm in another directory than the base, the links to a second directory doesn't work. How can I make this links to work?

Example: when I click on the menu "expo" from the directory "bildarkiv" the url vill be like this:
The part "/arkivet/" is to much.
It must look like this http://localhost:8888/www_nywebb/expo/.

From the startpage to a directory and back again, everything works fine.

What can I do to make this to work?
Any help would be very nice Thanks in a million

Erland Segrsted