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    Question New website, How much money would i have made??

    Hello all,

    Just had a quick question, launched my site a few weeks ago and have had a good view hits about 3000, in 2 weeks since it launched. Along with this I have had about 53000 page view!!! Was quite amazed at this figure

    The site is Watch This Cam - Chat and watch the world

    My question is what would be the best advertising methods for my website would you guys recommend CPM or CPC?

    I was thinking about just placing a sky-scrapper banner along the side of every cam?

    What would be the general CPM for one of these?
    Or how much would I have made from 53000 page views?

    Its my first proper website that I have made and am quite new to advertising especially on websites.

    Also if you are checking out the site id advise doing so in Firefox or chrome.

    Thanks all
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