I'm just putting together a simple portfolio site using php includes. I don't know too much php, but I use includes often at work. I've never seen anything like this before. I can see the content in the header include, but I can't interact with it (can't click the links or highlight the text). The footer include is working fine.

Silent Sky Design - Victoria BC Web and Graphic Designer Crystal Rothwell

This is all there is in the index file:

PHP Code:
<?php include("ssi/header.php"); ?>
<h1>Featured Work</h1>

<?php include("ssi/footer.php"); ?>
I have a wordpress blog installed in the main level of the site. Maybe there is something in the .htaccess or another file that is causing this...

I noticed that it seems to be working fine in IE8, but not in Firefox or Chrome.

Thanks for your help.