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Thread: cURL

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    IIRC PHP's curl is an implementation of cURL and libcurl - so you will find much more documentation there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aamonkey View Post
    I've written code to process transactions through, PayPal, Virtual Merchant, and GoEMerchant - I used curl on all of them, and they all work pretty much exactly the same way: you assign a bunch of POST variables, use curl to do the post request, and receive a response back. It's a little scary the first time you do it but it becomes second nature quickly (Much easier than connecting to UPS/Fedex to get shipping quotes).
    Well, if you are around, I'd appreciate you help and input on upcoming threads.

    I feel TOTALLY overwhelmed, but what other choices do I have?! (None!)

    First, I need to build a basic form and add in some error checking. Then I suppose I need to look into how to send data over using PHP and XML.

    I do know that Internet Secure requires XML-formatted data, so if I go with them, I will have to learn how to do that.

    Here is hoping what you say about it not being so bad is true...

    Stay tuned!



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    While I've never used XML in php Debbie, I've used it in Delphi and there were quite a few components around for it. I can only assume the same is true for php. You might want to look at and see if they have a class for you to use which makes it easy.

    As for cURL, you won't have many problems. Most of it is just copying other peoples code from what you find on google
    I'll do anything to avoid working on my own code

    Are you using: if (isset($_POST['submit'])) ?
    IE has a bug and does not always send the value.


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