Hi guys, I have this code:

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($wishlist)) {
				echo '<div id="wishlist">';

					echo '<div id="wishlistmovie">';
						echo $row["moviename"];
					echo '</div>';

					echo '<div id="wishlistdate">';
						echo $row["wishlistdate"];
					echo '</div>';

					echo '<div id="wishlistgenre">';
						echo $row["genre_abbreviation"];
					echo '</div>';

				echo '</div>';
I need the 3 items to display like this:

moviename movie_release_date movie_genre

but I also need to style each one separately so that I can space them left/middle/right.

Any tips on how I can achieve this?

sorry if this shouldn't be in CSS, but I was thinking there might be style options to make this work?