Okay, here is my dilema

I currently have an inventory table that I am creating a list from using a number of joins. This is the query that I use:
Code MySQL:
SELECT `inv`.inventory_id AS 'inventory_id', 
       `inv`.media_tag AS 'media_tag', 
       `inv`.asset_tag AS 'asset_tag', 
       `inv`.idea_tag AS 'idea_tag', 
       `eqTyp`.equipment_type AS 'equipment_type', 
       `inv`.equip_make AS 'equip_make', 
       `inv`.equip_model AS 'equip_model', 
       `inv`.equip_serial AS 'equip_serial', 
       `inv`.sales_order AS 'sales_order', 
       `vend`.vendor_name AS 'vendor_name', 
       `inv`.purchase_order AS 'purchase_order', 
       `stat`.status AS 'status', 
       `loc`.location_name AS 'location_name', 
       `rooms`.room_number AS 'room_number', 
       `inv`.notes AS 'notes', 
       `inv`.send_to AS 'send_to', 
       `inv`.one_to_one AS 'one_to_one', 
       `entBy`.user_name AS 'user_name', 
       from_unixtime(`inv`.enter_date, '%m/%d/%Y') AS 'enter_date', 
       from_unixtime(`inv`.modified_date, '%m/%d/%Y') AS 'modified_date' 
FROM mod_inventory_data AS `inv` 
LEFT JOIN mod_inventory_equip_types AS `eqTyp` ON `eqTyp`.equip_type_id = `inv`.equip_type_id 
LEFT JOIN mod_vendors_main AS `vend` ON `vend`.vendor_id = `inv`.vendor_id 
LEFT JOIN mod_inventory_status AS `stat` ON `stat`.status_id = `inv`.status_id 
LEFT JOIN mod_locations_data AS `loc` ON `loc`.location_id = `inv`.location_id 
LEFT JOIN mod_locations_rooms AS `rooms` ON `rooms`.room_id = `inv`.room_id 
LEFT JOIN mod_users_data AS `entBy` ON `entBy`.user_id = `inv`.entered_by 
ORDER BY inventory_id ASC
LIMIT 0,20
I then display the result in a table/matrix view. I am adding links to that matrix for each row that will show an icon at the beginning of the row that links me to a list work orders for an inventory item based on different criteria. The firs link shows me work orders that match the asset_tag field, and the second link shows me work orders that match the equip_make. I am currently doing this using PHP code that loops through the results of the query above and then runs separate queries for each row that determines the data needed to create the links. This does work, however it is slow. What I am wondering is if I can do some more joins, counts, and group bys that can give me the two needed counts to create the links. I figure if I can do all the work in one query it might be faster, but I can't seem to figure out how it would be done.