Here is a link to a Test Page of mine...

Fluid Center & Fixed Right Column with Max-Min Sticky Footer

I have some questions about the Top Menu...


1.) Is there a way to make the Sub-Menu wider than the Main Menu Item?

For example...

News | Business | Sports | Politics
A wide News Sub-Item
An even wider News Sub-Item
If so, how?

2.) Is there a way to make the Main Menu "fluid" so that its width will adjust to fit each Main Menu Item?

News | Business | Some really really wide Category | Sports | Politics

3.) Is there a way to make just the Sub-Menus "fluid" so that their width adjusts to the widest Sub-Menu Item?


When I was getting help with this several weeks ago, I recall some people saying that the Main Menu and Sub-Menu Items had to be fixed width and I find that hard to believe?!