Ok, so about 7 years ago, I was working on a project with the Furniture Industry of America for a system that would convert they're custom XMLEDI format into EDI and back.

I came up with a pretty slick solution using XSL-T & Xalan to translate XML to EDI... then I created a different set of XSL-T to convert EDI-to-XML, and built a pretty slick XML parser on Xerces that would actually parse the EDI documents out as XML, allowing them to be transformed with XSL-T.

So the project lost funding after a couple months, and died after a couple years, and I moved on to other things... but I always thought it would be cool to take what I started back then and create an Open EDI-to-XML translation engine.

The 2nd part of the project involved the use of a SOAP transport mechanism to eliminate 3rd-party EDI hubs and save money by implementing a P2P network for communications. That never got built (obviously)

Does anyone here work with EDI? Project sound interesting?