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    losing class when using jquery reorder

    When I use jquery's sortable functionality - when an item is moved, the one which is "shoved" out of the way or sometimes the above it, looses any class names I have attached to it.

    I've tried a few hacks to try and get them back, none of which seem to help.

    I was wondering if there was a way to switch this of, as whilst it removes them, it adds a jquery ui class?

    The code ive used is the example on the jquery site, I just have my own styles attached to the li items. (ive attached a before and after of the list items)

    <li class="project high ui-droppable" priority="high" projectid="5"><h1>This Is A Test Project 5</h1></li>
    <li class="project ui-droppable" priority="high" projectid="5" style=""><h1>This Is A Test Project 5</h1></li>
    a sandbox version of the problem can be seen here
    comos - project management system

    thanks in advance =)

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    Pretty odd, but an ajax request to a processor.php takes place after I move the first block after block #3:
    Then it loses the class....


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