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    how to debug classic asp and vb6 dll

    hi all, i am pulling my hair out here.
    i have a classic asp website which creates an instance of a class created in vb6.
    i am developing in visual interdev 6, IIS 5, and microsoft visual basic 6.

    now if i add a breakpoint to my asp code it steps through nicely and i can debug it. however what i want to do is for it to step into the vb6 function.

    i have searched the net with no joy. i have both projects opened, i start the vb6 project as instructed which contains a breakpoint. i then start stepping through the classic asp page, but it never goes into the vb6 code.
    Can anyone help me on this? any help would be great.

    One other thing, is there any way i can attach the visual interdev to a process so that i can debug that way also. the classic asp site is called from a site so loads of session variables and the like are passed in.
    i want to start debugging once it hits the asp site but again no joy!

    any ideas?

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    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think ASP would only create an object that is an instance of the VB6 project then use the methods and functions of that project. It wouldn't debug-step through the project and respond to its break points (other than to perhaps stop processing then throw an ASP error).
    Ian Anderson

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    I seem to recall that you could open the dll in the VB6 IDE in the same manner that you'd debug an external dll in VB6. Then if IIS is on the same machine when asp instantiated the VB dll it would fire off the VB6 debugger. But it was years ago when I last did something like this, I could be remembering incorrectly (very likely!). There is documentation on debugging dll's in the VB docs.
    Doug G
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