I really need your help with a big problem. When I try to create a new COM-Object for PowerPoint in PHP on an IIS-Machine, it runs into a timeout. No error messages, no system logs, no hints... just a timeout

- Windows Server 2003 (IIS 6)
- PHP 5.2.8 (by FastCGI)
- Office 2000 installed and running (Office 2003 was installed before and didn't helped, too)

I restarted the server and IIS many times. I reinstalled Office, but no luck.

When I create a COM-Object for Word or Excel: No Problem ...

Code PHP:
$obj = new COM("Word.Application");

But with PowerPoint, just that timeout...

Code PHP:
$obj = new COM("PowerPoint.Application");

I checked the Permission-Settings in the Component Explorer and they are fine. When I change them to something wrong, I immediatly get an error.

PowerPoint can be opened normally and there are no settings left in the application.

Please, I'm thankful for every hint!