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    Angry EI7 not showing background-color

    Hi, i have a table with alternating rows, white and yellow that works fine but i have two classes, one with a checkmark and the other with an asterisk. This two classes only have a small .png image as a background. The thing is that anywhere these two classes are you can see the checkmark and asterisk transparent images but no the background-color applied to the row behind it.

    I have:

    .asterisk {
    background: url(../images/digital_dashboard/grey-asterisk.png) no-repeat 50% 50%;
    padding: 0 !important;

    .checkmark {
    background: url(../images/digital_dashboard/grey-check-mark.png) no-repeat 50% 50%;
    padding: 0 !important;

    tr.odd {
    background-color: #fef8db;
    border-left: 1px solid #6D6D6D;
    tr.even {
    background-color: #ffffff;
    border-left: 1px solid #6D6D6D;

    Can't send you a link because it's a back-end app.

    <tr class="even">
    <td class="checkmark"></td>

    So, where the checkmark or asterisk classes are the tr background-color disappears. Any help? Thanks.
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