This is a thread of things I wish had events. I'm aware some browsers might support some of these, but I'd like to see them standardized.

onDropIn -> triggers when the user "drops" a file (or files if the user is dropping a group of files) icon from the OS onto the an element. The event provides js with the MIME details of the dropped objects. Google gears did this at one point.

onDropOut -> triggers when an element is dropped outside the root document element. Should be possible with this event to drag an element onto the desktop, resulting in a link file being created or other file resource to that location.

onSleep -> triggers if the OS screensaver activates. The main use I have in mind for this is to fire an ajax request to end the session immediately for increased security.

Inpage File Transfer Protocol -> several events with this, onUploadStart, onProgress, onEnd, to allow for progress bars without resorting to flash.

onAttachmentReceived -> fired when a page request ends with the browser receiving a file with the attachment disposition - so the page will not be changing. In a prior thread I mused on whether this could be possible.

Any other ideas, or modifications to existing events?