Have you designed some new logos but can't decide which one to use? Do you need your colour scheme and layout checked over before you go build the complete site? Are you having a hard time deciding if a business card and/or stationary design is effective? Have you built a flash app or movie where you need a second opinion? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you can post your requests in this forum.

Before you do, however, there are a few guidelines which we would like you to familiarize yourself with.

1. Each request must be supported by 3 reviews of other elements within this forum, completed within the last 30 days. Please do not limit your reviews to simple ones, such as "I like/don't like it", but instead give honest and helpful reviews.

2. If you have more than one element (for example, a logo and a navigation bar) that you would like reviewed on their own merits, each must be submitted separately with the 3:1 review ratio in mind. (eg: for 3 individual elements, you will need to have reviewed 9 others). Stationary and business cards MAY be reviewed as a set, BUT all of the elements must be presented as a set (ie within the same screenshot).

3. If you wish a site layout to be reviewed, it must be posted as a screenshot, not as a working website. This helps to differentiate this forum from the Website Reviews forum.

4. Please label the request type as appropriate. Use [LOGO] for logo reviews, [LAYOUT] for layout reviews, [FLASH] for flash app/movie reviews and [PRINT] for any print related designs (ie business cards/stationary). This will allow the other members to review elements they feel comfortable and/or have experience reviewing. This does not preclude anyone from reviewing any element, but it may allow people with specialized skills to concentrate where they are most experienced.

5. If you are asking for help in choosing between variations of a SINGLE element (logos, business cards or stationary), please provide screenshots of all the choices with each choice labeled. This makes it easier for the reviewers to comment on individual designs instead of having to refer to them as "the second one from the top, two in from the right."

6. All flash reviews must provide a direct link to the flash element in question. IF this element includes sound, please specify that in the review request so the reviewers will be able to prepare (ie turning down speakers or plugging in headphones) prior to clicking the link.

7. As with Website Reviews, this is a moderated forum. All new requests will be placed in a queue awaiting authorisation - a process which usually takes between 24 and 72 hours. Any elements considered inappropriate and/or in violation of the general guidelines and rules of SPF will be denied and removed immediately.

8. If you are wanting more feedback on a review you already posted within 30 days, do not request another review for the same design. You will be allowed to resurrect your most recent review for additional feedback. If your review thread is over 30 days old, you will be required to review 3 other members' designs before your review will be considered.
Threads older than 30 days and bumped with new posts may be closed by a moderator.